Process Consulting Process

This is a general list of steps that occur when you hire JS-X for a consulting task.

  • You submit information about what it is you would like JS-X to do for you.
    • Include your E-mail
    • Include your web address (if applicable)
    • Include URL’s to pertinent web site/pages
    • Include a description of the problem/request
  • JS-X sends you back a statement of work.
    • A description of problem/request and a resolution.
    • The number of hours this job is expected to take.
    • The cost associated with the hours to complete the task.
    • The cost quoted is an upper limit. If the work requested does not change then this limit does not go up. Period.
  • You agree to the problem/request/resolution/cost statement of work.
    • You send JS-X a confirmation of the statement of work along with 50% down payment.
  • JS-X completes task to a prototype development demo level.
  • You pay 25% more payment [total payed at this point is 75%]
  • Test Changes on Platforms agreed upon in the Statement of Work
  • Code comes with extensive documentation.
  • Final product is delivered
  • You acknowledge task completion and full satisfaction of work.
  • Remaining 25% balance is paid.

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