Consulting Consulting has been involved in web design, development, maintenance, and enhancements since our start many years ago. We can design an entire website end-to-end or add that special javascript effect you are looking for. We strive to help clients understand the issues and the solutions as we take their website presence to another level.

Many of our clients are web developers and web development companies that need that extra boost either in technical capabilities or just sheer man power. We reach towards successful completion of projects on time and on budget. Our many years of software development experiences lend towards this achievement.

You can hire JS-X’s professional staff to custom build web pages and web sites to fit your needs.

JS-X has been helping individual web site owners and web site corporations all over the world.

We have been adding dynamic content to web sites for years now – why let your site just stand there when it can jump to life.

JS-X staff is proficient in the following areas:

Client Side Programming
XML Visual Basic AJAX
Server Side Programming
Perl Unix Scripts C++
Servlets Java-Applets C
Database Configuration & Programming
Access Mysql Sql

If you have code on your web site, we can help – from small projects to large ones – we have the staffing and the desire to help you make your web site stand out.

Take a stroll through our portfolio. Its just a sampling of the near thousands of websites that we’ve contributed to.

The world of Javascript at your fingertips