Validate – Only Give 1 Re-Try

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This shows how to have a form on the submit action determine if the data in the form is valid. It sets a counter and if the counter hits the limit a different alert is given and the user is sent to another page.

Body Code:

<form name=exf1 action="">
Enter a "x" (no quotes):<input type=text name=t1>
<BR><input type=button value="Enter an 'x'?" onclick="doIt()">
var counter=0;
function doIt() {
  if (document.exf1.t1.value!="x") {
    if (++counter == 1) {
	  alert("Hmm... try again:");
	} else if (counter >= 2) {
	  alert("You only get 1 retry!nGo Learn Some JavaScript!");
  } else {
    //document.exf1.submit();  // un-comment this to have it submit the form.

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