Validate Frame Use

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Want to keep your files out of other’s frames?

Body Code:

<!-- Begin 
ok_urls = new Array(); 
function addUrl(_v){var a=ok_urls.length;ok_urls[a?a:0]=_v;}
function randomOkUrl()
  var a=(parseInt(Math.random()*1000))%ok_urls.length;
  return ok_urls[a];

function reportError()
  var msg  ="nBandwidth Theft Alert!nn";
      msg +="This site is illegally stealing bandwidthn";
      msg +="from our site,";
      msg +="We will now load the content pagen";
      msg +="from our server so you may view it.nn";
      msg +="Thanks for your patience!";
  top.location.href = randomOkUrl() + "?" + escape(window.location.href); 
  return true; 

function killError(){return true;}
window.onerror = killError;

url_found = false; 
for (var i = 0; i < ok_urls.length && !url_found; i++)
  url_found = (top.location.href.indexOf(ok_urls[i]) != -1); 
if (!url_found && (window != top)) 
// End --> 

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