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There are several methods that strings can have inline invoked. A few of these are shown in the example. Note that any of these options can also work on the result of the other options, as long as the return value is a String!

Body Code:

document.writeln("Combination Text".bold().italics().strike().blink());
document.writeln("BIG TEXT".big());
document.writeln("SMALL TEXT".small());
document.writeln("Size 6px TEXT".fontsize('6px'));
document.writeln("Size 70px TEXT".fontsize('70px'));
document.writeln("Fourth Char".charAt(4).big());
document.writeln("IN GOLD TEXT".fontcolor('gold'));
document.writeln("TEXT to LINK".link(''));
document.writeln("SUB TEXT".sub()+"<-- SUB'ed TEXT");
document.writeln("SUP TEXT".sup()+"<-- SUP'ed TEXT");
document.writeln("CaSE mEsSeD uP".toLowerCase());
document.writeln("CaSE mEsSeD uP".toUpperCase());

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