Select List Sends Parameter To New Page

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This shows how to have a drop down list pass a parameter to the new page.

Body Code:

var SubSystem = new Array();
    for(var i=0;i<15;i++)

var s,ss,sss;
function Modify1(_myForm1) {
var aa;
var _name= "newWin";
var _features="fullscreen";
var _replace=true;

s = _myForm1.selectitem1.value; 
id = _myForm1.selectitem1.options.selectedIndex;
sss = _myForm1.selectitem1.options[id].text;
var _newLoc = "/newpage?Index1="+sss+"&"+id+"";
//document.location=_newLoc;  // uncomment this to goto that page.
<form name=myForm1>
<SELECT id=selectitem1 name=selectitem1 
        style="HEIGHT: 66px; LIST-STYLE: square; WIDTH: 155px" dataFld="" 
for(var b=1;b<15;b++) 
document.write("<OPTION value=""+SubSystem[b]+"">"+SubSystem[b]+"</option>"); 


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