Select List Changes Background Color

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This shows how to have background color choices in a select list.

Body Code:


<SELECT Size=5 name=clr onChange="document.bgColor=this.options[this.selectedIndex].value">
<OPTION VALUE="blue">blue
<OPTION VALUE="aquamarine">aquamarine 
<OPTION VALUE="chocolate">chocolate
<OPTION VALUE="darkred">dark red
<OPTION VALUE="gold">gold
<OPTION VALUE="red">red
<OPTION VALUE="yellow">yellow
<OPTION VALUE="hotpink">hotpink
<OPTION VALUE="lime">lime
<OPTION VALUE="darkkhaki">dark khaki
<OPTION VALUE="cadetblue ">cadet blue 
<OPTION VALUE="darkgoldenrod">dark goldenrod
<OPTION VALUE="darkslateblue">dark slate 
<OPTION VALUE="blue">blue
<OPTION VALUE="deeppink">deep pink
<OPTION VALUE="darksalmon">dark salmon
<OPTION VALUE="salmon">salmon
<OPTION VALUE="tan">tan
<OPTION VALUE="wheat">wheat
<OPTION VALUE="tomato">tomato
<OPTION VALUE="springgreen">springgreen
<OPTION VALUE="turquoise">turquoise

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