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This example shows how to have DHTML show and hide componts in a form.

Head Code:

function Z(c)
var a="";
for(var b in c)
a+=b+" * ";
function itemSelected(_v)

Body Code:

<form name=exf1>
<div id=span_a1 style="visibility:visible">
Question A:
A1<input name="a1" type="radio" value="A1" onclick="itemSelected(this)">
A2<input name="a1" type="radio" value="A2" onclick="itemSelected(this)">
A3<input name="a1" type="radio" value="A3" onclick="itemSelected(this)">
A4<input name="a1" type="radio" value="A4" onclick="itemSelected(this)">
<hr width=50% height=1 color=steelblue align=center>
<div id=span_b1 style="visibility:hidden">
Question B:
B1<input name="b1" type="radio" value="B1" onclick="itemSelected(this)">
B2<input name="b1" type="radio" value="B2" onclick="itemSelected(this)">
B3<input name="b1" type="radio" value="B3" onclick="itemSelected(this)">
B4<input name="b1" type="radio" value="B4" onclick="itemSelected(this)">
<hr width=50% height=1 color=steelblue align=center>
<span id=span_c1 style="visibility:hidden">
Question C:
C1<input name="c1" type="radio" value="C1" onclick="itemSelected(this)">
C2<input name="c1" type="radio" value="C2" onclick="itemSelected(this)">
C3<input name="c1" type="radio" value="C3" onclick="itemSelected(this)">
C4<input name="c1" type="radio" value="C4" onclick="itemSelected(this)">

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