Radio Button Test With Result Computed

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This shows how to create a test using a form.

Body Code:

<script type=text/javascript>
function showResults() {
  var numRight = 0;
  if (document.exf1.q1[document.exf1.q1r.value].checked) numRight++;
  if (document.exf1.q2[document.exf1.q2r.value].checked) numRight++;
  if (document.exf1.q3[document.exf1.q3r.value].checked) numRight++;
  document.exf1.score.value = numRight;
function init() { document.exf1.score.value = "?"; }
<form name=exf1>
Q1: A <input type=radio name=q1 value="A" onfocus="init()">
    B <input type=radio name=q1 value="B" onfocus="init()">
    C <input type=radio name=q1 value="C" onfocus="init()">
    D <input type=radio name=q1 value="D" onfocus="init()">
    E <input type=radio name=q1 value="E" onfocus="init()">
	  <input type=hidden name=q1r value="0">
Q2: A <input type=radio name=q2 value="A" onfocus="init()">
    B <input type=radio name=q2 value="B" onfocus="init()">
    C <input type=radio name=q2 value="C" onfocus="init()">
    D <input type=radio name=q2 value="D" onfocus="init()">
    E <input type=radio name=q2 value="E" onfocus="init()">
	  <input type=hidden name=q2r value="1">
Q3: A <input type=radio name=q3 value="A" onfocus="init()">
    B <input type=radio name=q3 value="B" onfocus="init()">
    C <input type=radio name=q3 value="C" onfocus="init()">
    D <input type=radio name=q3 value="D" onfocus="init()">
    E <input type=radio name=q3 value="E" onfocus="init()">
	  <input type=hidden name=q3r value="2">
<input type=button value="Show Score" onclick="showResults()">
Score: <input type=text name=score value="?">

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