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Portfolio Page 9

  • Inserting Form Rows


    This project required dynamic insertion of table text boxes, each with a unique sequentially numbered name. For the purpose of this example, the name was inserted as a value into the new text-box. For the actual project, this was created blank.
    This is an IE only solution as that is what was requested.

  • Only Choose 1 Option


    This project needed to have users restricted to only selecting one item as Best, but also only allowing you to have any one item be choosen. Before we inserted our javascript code a user could select Space Camp as Best, Second Best and Third Best. Adding some javascript did the trick.

  • Select a Car


    This example shows multiple pop up windows that serve to gather information from the user.
    Details such as the start and end dates were accomplished by using a javascript calendar to show the days selectable by presenting them as a calendar itself. Clicking on the dates chooses the dates and places them into the form textbox – then closes the window.
    The other popoup windows are used to determine the type of car – by first choosing a car class — which then prompts the user for a specific car in that class already choosen.
    Based upon the length in days from the start to finish, and the type of car a rate is used to compute the total cost. From the total cost a down payment amount is determined as well.

  • Double Input to Textbox


    This program uses two form inputs [both select lists] to determine if a third form text box should obtain a calculated value or not.

  • Dynamic Pages – Form Buttons


    This example shows how to have a form button visible. If a user clicks on that button, then dynamically more buttons will appear – this buttons will be clickable to take the user to other web site destinations.

  • PHP Stores Cookies


    This project required creating and reading a cookie in PHP that would store off not only the visit number for the current user, but also the visitor’s country of origin based upon their IP, and also the referrer URL.

  • Cyber-Portal


    This was a prototype “home” page for this company. The graphics were just for effect and were never finished. (that is why they
    look grainy.) This menu system has buttons on the image that trigger the same effect as mousing over the text
    links on either side of the image. There is a dynamic box that appears on the first mouse over which shows more information
    about the item moused over.

  • Blinking Text


    This project was small and fun to do. It was designed to allow IE web browsers to have text that blinks by using CSS style properties – controlled by javascript. Added logic enables DOM browsers to also observe the blinking effect.

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