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  • Frames Stay Put


    This was a project to keep all pages inside the intended sites frames. When a page is loaded outside the frameset, it takes over and loads it the way the author wants it viewed.

  • Easter Egg


    This was a simple script created to hide a HREF link. When the user mouses over the balls in the order listed below, a special hidden link will appear. Used in conjunction with other encryption techniques – this makes for an easy method to hide a portion of your site from the common users.

  • Sorting Double Arrays


    This project sets up a double array, and then sorts it. It uses javascript constructs to hold the doulbe arrays (so the double array is a new object that is defined in this construct).

  • Fibonacci Sequence


    This was a simple script that computes the numbers in the Fibonacci Sequence using javascript.

  • Checkboxes for Payment Options


    This client wanted a method to choose which payment option would be selected based upon other payment options selected. It also took into account that some payment options could be disabled.

  • Factorials


    This project created a form with two components. The first is the number to generate the factorial of, and the second is the result (answer) of the computation.

  • Progress Bar


    The client wanted a way to update the progress of a task by web access. This task used PHP files and no database support. The admin page allows the user to update the current progress as well as the total completion value. The ‘use’ page allows for the web site’s clients to observe the status of the task by viewing a graphic horizontal bar graph.

  • Sorting Tables


    This example shows how to sort a table with out reloading the content.

    The number of columns can easily be added, and the number of rows does not matter either.
    Click on the column header and have the entire table sorted by that column’s values. Click again and it will reverse sort it.

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