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  • Cookies Cause Redirect



    This project needed to have a file use javascript to store off the current URL. This is saved into a cookie. When the user comes back to another page (the read cookie page) the cookie is accessed. If it exists for this domain then the user is forwarded to that page, otherwise the user is sent to a 404 server error – file not found.

    To test this – try to goto the ‘read’ page first. Then go back to the ‘set page’, followed by the ‘read page’.

  • Select List Disables Text Box


    This project sets up a select list that will allow the user to select from a pre-built list. In the case where there is another possible input, the option “Other” can be choosen. When the user selects the “Other” option – then the text box becomes enabled to allow free form input.

  • Click to Print


    This project has a table with several TDs. When the corresponding checkbox is clicked, a popup window will be created with the content of the correct text – then that page will be printed.

  • WebRT’s Web Site

    This was a development of a web site for an open-source project called WebRT. This design allows for all cosmetics to be defined in one file, as well as the page structure in one file. The main content of each page is located in a file by itself, so the site author does not have to worry about how it fits into the site. This web site will be really easy to maintain as all dynamic data is located in one directory. It was written in PHP.

  • ASP Form Posts to Self


    This project was to set up a form that posts to itself for the purpose of a database lookup on the data passed to itself. The page then returns to the user the data from that query. This simple example shown for this project does not show the database queries, but a simulation of data setup and returned.

  • Cookie Value in URL


    This project set up a method for a value in a cookie to be tagged as a parameter in any HREF that a user may click on. If no cookie is set, each page tags a unique ID. This allows the final page to have a parameter based upon cookie history or user web browser history.

  • Zatz Adding Values


    This project involved computing values based upon two separate sections of form text boxes. The values are added up at the page load, as well as each time any new values are entered.
    It also computes averages.

  • Todd’s Roses


    This company had an already existing shopping cart system that they were trying to add some form validation and cross references.
    They had special logic that they wanted to run when a type of rose is selected, quantity of roses, or color of roses. When the user was done selecting their purchase, additional form validation code was needed to run to ensure that proper choices (that made sense) were made.

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