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  • 50th Anniversary Corvettes


    This project required taking multiple excel spreadsheets with data on all of the 50th anniversary corvettes and combining that data into one mysql database. The project also required easy to navigate and search queries on that database so users can find specific cars and RPO codes as well as other data. All pages are based upon CSS style sheets and HTML templates – which are independently located on the server. All items shown are very easy to customize by the use of flags – requiring very fast cosmetic changes with no changes to the backbone code. All server side code is written in PHP.

  • Searching Forum Posts


    This project started with several forum databases that have been saved off into a CVS file format (Microsfoft Excell comma delineated database in one file).

    The client wanted to be able to search any of his several databases with some special weighted results based upon the number of times a word occurred in a forum post. To do this, a special conversion file was created in PHP to determine the weighted results for all words over 3 characters in length – store these off in a mysql database and port the CVS data into the mysql database also.

    The next item was to create an easy to use runtime data for threads… the original data for each post only have previous and next links.

    The data is crosslinked in results to allow a user to quickly change the method of searching for the perfect post.

    Try searching for message to see just one example thread in the database.

  • Multiple Forms – Gather Data


    This client wanted to have multiple HTML pages that gathered data from users. He wanted to have the data colleted merged together and kept on the server in a flat file. He also wanted to get emails sent to him when data was entered by any user on either page. Further, we needed to determine (by use of cookies) when a user left before completing all the forms, so we would know where they were in the process — and send them to the correct page.

    The solution was to use a PHP CGI file to keep track of users, cookies, data files, and which page to show the user. There are also easy to update HTML files for each page that the PHP code uses as ‘templates’.

  • Dynamic Form Input to PDF


    This project involves collecting data with HTML and JavaScript from users. The first page of data has a selection that will allow the user to have a different set of data collected on the 2nd form page. After both pages of data have been collected, all the data is put together on one page and presented to the user in a PDF format.

  • Encryption Data


    This was a simple project to use PHP code to encrypt data (text) and store it in files. This required developing an algorithm that would be independent of PHP Module installations – so it is all inclusive. Any server that can run PHP can encrypt text.

  • Cost Calculator


    This project evolved setting up a PHP script that would present the user with an input form to select the type of window frame and the frame dimensions. Given this data, this PHP script will determine the cost for the frame.

  • Look for Enter Key


    This was a simple project that Acid worked on that creats a page that looks for the enter key being pressed at any time. What that even occurs the user is directed to another URL.

  • Matrix Math – Row Echelon From


    This client wanted to have a pure javascript solution for reducing NxM matrix sized equations into Row Echelon Form.

    — A matrix A is in Reduced Row-Echelon Form (RREF) if it has the following properties:

    — 1. If a row does not consist entirely of zeroes, then the first nonzero entry in the row is a 1.

    — 2. Any rows that consist entirely of zeroes are at the bottom of the matrix, below all nonzero rows.

    — 3. For rows not consisting of all zeroes, the leading 1 in the lower row is to the right of the leading 1 in a higher row.

    — 4. Each column that has a leading 1 has zeroes everywhere else.

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