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Portfolio Page 3

  • Problem Reporting Tool


    This tool required the capability to capture users comments in such a way as to encrypt them so only validated people could view the data stored. Not even people that can access the data on the server can read the files – they are encrypted using an MD5 type algorithm. Only a person that logs in via this tool can ever read that data. This tool also allows for this initially posted comment to start a thread of responses, keeping the author and time/date in tact as a history of events in the resolution path to the trouble report.

    This tool also has 2 levels of users, normal and admin. An admin can do everything a normal user can [create thread], but this person can also create/delete/modify users, as well as respond to an open thread. This admin user can also delete threads [close them] as can only the author[normal user] of a thread.

  • Tax Calculator


    This tool will allow a user to calculate the taxes for a house with land. The user just places the value of the assessment and hits the calculate button to see the estimated taxes. The tool also comes with an admin page that allows the admin to update all the rates used in the calculation via http web pages and not editing of javscript code. The admin page is disabled on this site.

  • PHP Emailer


    This project needed a simple form that allowed people to have a file [or a choice of which file] that could be sent to them with out the need of any human interaction. The first example always chooses the same file from the server to send to you, while the second example illustrates how to enable the user to choose between two files. An optional field for the user to provide information in the email to the admin is also provided.

  • Lotto Choices Printout


    This code will print out the auto-scan picks for your lotto numbers. The favorite lotto numbers have been programmed into the javascript code, and with the simple choice of which ones to print out, the page will be created and sent to your printer to have them ready to go get your lotto tickets.

  • DuraShutter Calculator


    This form behaves like an excel spreadsheet. It allows data [numbers] to be entered in and it will calculate the savings their shutters will provide to you [their clients]. It also collects some personall information and sends that to the user that entered the data, as well as to the site admin.

  • Cookies Set by PHP


    This example will set up a cookie value from PHP code. Once set, its value can not be changed.

  • Dynamic Select Lists


    This project was a simple setup for dynamic select lists. The client wanted to be able to enable users to select multiple options from one select list and have them appended to the other select list. This demo shows how the have multiple or single items moved from one to the other select list. The text and values of the options are preserved.

  • Encrypted Javascript Passwords


    This project required a javascript only solution to password protect files. The passwords and username data is stored in an external javascript file that is encrypted.

  • Cookie Login


    This example constructs a method to force all pages to be accessed from one central page. In the clients website this main page was a login page. From there a user can choose to view multiple pages, but only those pages before coming back to the login page.

    The example on this site allows you to delete the cookie to see what it would do.

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