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  • Hide & Remove Form Items


    This project will hide or show a form text box when you click on the checkbox next to the form textbox. If the form item is hidden when you submit the form, then that form item is deleted from the page and not submitted.

  • Array Swapping


    This project involved setting up an array that could be set by the user via form text boxes. Each array value could only be one digit in length. A display pannel [textarea] can be used to show the array values, as well as the capability to swap some array values.

  • Checkbox Validation


    These project required two separate validation of checkboxes.

    The first was to allow up to 3 checkboxes out of a larger set to be checked when the form was submitted. Two methods were provided for doing this – manually editing the code for each checkbox to look at, and automatically by feature of the names being sequentally ordered. This first project also was set up to allow for the code to run either when the form was submitted, or when a checkbox is actually clicked [only the #10 checkbox performs this later behavior].

    The sencond project required three sentences having checkboxes to all be clicked before allowing the uesr to submit the form.

  • Squares Adding


    This was a simple matrix constructed with tables and forms. This matrix will add each row and colunn each time a data value [integer] is inserted into a box.

  • Auto Select Last Name


    This code will enable a database to propogate possible name pairs [first and last names] that have already been entered into the database. When the firstname is entered, the lastname select list will be updated automatically.

  • Recursion


    This project needed to have one function that contained all the information [no global data] needed to print out a sideways piramid.

  • Regular Expressions


    This code will validate that the PIN entered has the proper number of digits. When a user clicks on a radio button, the validation code runs to determine if the proper number of digits exists in the PIN. If not, an alert message is issued warning the user.

  • Database Extraction


    This project started with a very large database of clients with account numbers for them. We converted this database and extracted the needed information to establish individual login accounts for each separate account. The login and password were generaeted from the input source database, and an email was sent to each person informing them of the database change and access information needed to continue use of their accounts.

    We established the infrastructure for the change over and the client completed the front end client side solution. With our example on this site of this project, you can log in as one of the users and see the loan number. Not too impressive as the bulk of the project was all server side programming to get the client moving towards their success.

  • Master Mind


    This is a simple game of master mind. You have 8 choices to pick all the correct colors and locations.

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