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Portfolio Page 15

  • Double Mouse Over – Cached Images


    This project required two images to be updated upon a mouse over or a mouse out action on a text link. You will see on this page text links – these all are configured to perform the mouse over/out actions. These images are also cached into the browser upon the page loading.

  • PHP User Authentication


    This project required a user database set up in a flat file database system. This user database stores off a username, password, first name, last name, and a flag to indicate if this user is an admin. Admins have a special page they (only admins) can use to add new users. Each page that is protected can only be viewed if the user first logs in (successfully).

    The user authentication uses cookies to store an encrypted data string that uniquely identifies each user after they log in.

    The HTML pages that are protected can have embedded PHP code in them, as well as the capability to use the logged in user information (which is stored in the flat file database system).

    The code also allows for the templated HTML code to use multiple languages – with the translations defined in a special WORDS configuration file. This feature is not used in this specific installation of this PHP-Authentication.

  • Check for Humans


    This was a easy PHP and image manipulation to force a user to enter a code that is imprinted upon an image. This was a configuration of an open source project to protect the clients code from web crawling robots.

  • File Protection – Different Users have Different Permissions


    This program will allow you to select which users have access to which files. You can have different file formats. Two are shown here in the working demo (PDF and TXT), but you can have any file format you want. Each file on the server can only be accessed if the user logs in and you have specified that user can access the given files. All the files protected can be limited to just a few users, while other users still can access a different mix.

  • Save Data in PHP Sessions


    This program uses PHP sessions to remember your data. Try it out. any data you put in there will be retained on our server and then displayed back to you later when you return to the page. You can also change your data and re-post it back to us.

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