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  • PHP & MySQL – Call List Checker


    This project enables a list of phone numbers to be placed into a mysql database and the user can just type in the new phone numbers to determine if they are or are not on the call list.

  • Javascript Detection and Redirection


    This code will check to see if you have javascript enabled, if not then you will have 3 seconds to see a message that states you don’t have javascript enabled, and then the code will send you to another page.

  • Framesets Protecting Content


    This code is a frameset that monitors the pages origins and URLs to detect if someone is stealing your site’s bandwidth to show your data on their servers.

  • Simple Menu


    This menu is simplistic, but it uses forms to post the data [POST method] to hide data from the user [like a system password].

  • Menu


    This project required configuration of a site navigation menu. The top ‘always shown’ can have a graphic or text – so this demo shows both. The fonts and colors are all customizable: If you can see it, it can be a text or graphic and the colors and font sizes can all be easily modified.

  • PHP Math


    This php code computes math results that are displayed as the page is generated. As an additional bonus the code allows for a print-this-page button [which will open a new window, and print that window, then close it]

  • Zip Codes

    1. Example:

    2. Example:

    3. Example:

    This project was to determine the distance between two or more zipcodes. It also set up a CGI file for users to find the closest store to any zip code location. The stores’ zip codes are predetermined and integrated into the CGI script.

    Later versions were created to deal with very large databases of store locations.

    The last version integrated mapquest’s database so maps of store locations can easily be found.

  • Form Button Rotates Two Images


    This client wanted to have two images rotate through their own settings/images at the click of form buttons to go forward or reverse through their images.

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