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Portfolio Page 13

  • Mort’s Dynamic Page


    This task required any web browser to be able to have dynamic content that is generated by the user’s selection of the items on the form. Base upon the selections, different portions of the form were re-drawn so the user can make a more detailed input.

    This project used a frameset with a main frame and one hidden one. NS4 requires that any frame that exists must be at least 1 pixel in dimension. Remove NS4, and you can safely remove the second non-used frame.

  • Swap Images Positions


    This client wanted to have several images that a user could click on in order to swap their positions. Swapping images takes 2 actions: select the two images to swap – and the viola they will swap.

  • Lilly Intranet Navigation Menu


    This project configured the navigation menu system for EI Lilly’s Intranet. Each top menu section has a corresponding drug page, so the menu determines which of both is currently selected to drive the user to the proper page. Not all pages are available here on this website, but the menu does work for all pages.

  • Nick’s Mailer Program


    This project involved a javascript and Perl solution to send email to a predefined list.

  • Wes-Tex


    This task was to create an ASP page that could be password protected. It was desired to have the capability to define multiple usernames and passwords that could access this protected page. Since ASP does not run on this web server, the ASP code is shown here rather than how it runs. The ASP code is hi-lited in green background.

  • Forms and CGI


    This project included Perl programming and html programming. The client wanted to be able to have a list
    of form recipients in a text-based file on the server. This list was used in a rotary fashion to choose
    the next person whom received the form submitted data.

  • Checkers


    This is a simple game of checkers. But in order to play your move, you must first answer a question correctly. If you answer 3 incorrect answers, you will loose the game. This was designed for helping younger kids to learn simple math problems. Only a few small subset of the final questions are listed here.

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