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Portfolio Page 12

  • Cookie Detection


    This code detects if cookies are enabled. If they are not, the user will be redirected to another page. Only users that have cookies enabled will be able to read this page.

  • Image Puzzle


    This code was developed by ACID to allow an image to be cut into pieces and part of a puzzle.

  • Paul’s Missing MP3 Files


    This client (Paul) wanted to have the capability to use an alternative server in case the first one had missing MP3 files. The solution was to have the code inserted into the primary webserver’s 404 error response HTML file.

  • Valerie’s Data Files


    This program allows users to enter an email address and have the code send files from her server to them automatically.
    Email addresses are collected and can be viewed via the web if you have the admin password.

  • FixedPlanet Website


    This was a site construction to have a full website built for this client. This uses PHP templates to ease in site maintenance.

  • Regular Expressions – Validation


    This example uses javascript regular expressions to validate user input for two rulesets.

  • Movies Admin Pages


    This project enables an admin to update [add, modify, or delete] movie entries.
    It also provides the capability to have your site visitors to view the data your site admin is updating and maintaining.

  • Building Dynamic Select Lists


    This client wanted to have multiple select lists on a page. Each select list would be comprised of one to many items per a checkbox that is selected.

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