Portfolio 11

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Portfolio Page 11

  • Menu with Frames


    This example shows how to have a website in frames with a dynamic menu system that uses one of the frames.

  • Sample Menu


    This was a sample menu that didn’t go live. Visit Example:

  • Banner Ad Rotations


    This project configures space on your website that you can have multiple banner ads rotated in that one location.

  • Hiding Table Data


    This project allows table data to appear and hide on the check of form-checkbox.

  • Test for Javascript


    This example shows how to test for javascript enabled web browsers. If the browser has javascript enabled, it will tell the user this and then forward the user to the “next” page. Otherwise a message is issued to the web browser stating they do not have a javascript enabled web browser.

  • Search9


    This was a full web site creation for a search engine web site. Fancy mouseover effects for the search
    trigger “button”. There are several languages the page was created for – the default is english. Mouse over
    the image on the lower left and watch the popup dhtml. There are several pages that pull data in unix cron jobs
    from other web sites and generate the pages so they are ready for the user when requested. (The offsite pages
    were really slow and were affecting this web sites users – search9’s web site was really fast and is able
    to provide the pages much quicker.) This also allows for reformatting of data on the server side behind the scenes.
    The Ixquick search response pages were generated by a combination of unix cron job perl programs and the Ixquick’s servers
    own programs. A special XML parser was created to run in Perl to help generate some of the pages as well.
    All artwork was created by JS-X staff members. Only the first page is shown here.

  • Users Vote


    This example shows how to have different graphic images shown based upon users’ choices (votes). The CGI program that tallies the results is not shown.

  • Guess Random Numbers


    This project involved setting up a random number generator that allowed the user to try to guess the number. When the form text boxes are clicked, a prompt window is used to obtain the user’s guess. If it is correct the total score is increased by 1. Happy Guessing!

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