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  • Reformat Input


    This project was created to solve a problem with data entry into the client’s forms. The data entered needed to maintain a strict rule set for pattern. If the user entered a 1 instead of 001, then the data entered would be padded with zeros. It was a bit more complicated – take a look at the example.

  • Checkbox Limiter


    This project needed to limit the number of checkboxes that a user could select per grouping. Each selection added a value to the total that was being tracked. For this example, that total is shown to the user: for the actual project it was a hidden-form component.

  • Jerry’s Campers


    This was a complete site creation project undertaken when I was part of a company called Cyber-Portal.
    This site we created was for a camper sales company. They wanted a frame layout with a DHTML popup box
    for users to quickly find the type of inventory that matched their needs, as well as navigation from the bottom or left of the page.
    They also wanted a http interface to update and maintain their inventory – sorry you wont be able to see that part of their site for their security.
    If you navigate to their web site you can see how to find a report of their inventory.

  • Cynthia Tester


    This project involved setting up a form to post data into the Cynthia Tester.

  • Database Strings


    This client wanted to change a form item (shown in the example, hidden in real code) that would be a vlaid mysql query string for the 3 items that are choosen by the user from the form select lists. When “any” is choosen, there is not any text in the final submitted string for that item. The items if choosen more than one, will be delineated by the word AND.

  • Dixon’s Mouse


    This was a web site that wanted some mouseover help. The navigation menu on the left on a mouseover
    now changes the center image. This is a project from a long time ago, and I lost the original artwork so I just
    put simple little colored balls in place.

  • Select Lists Enable TextBox


    This code enables the user to be restricted on input into a form text box, unless the select list choice is just right.

  • Norm’s Images


    This project involved an already existing utility for an online shopping system. The clients products were inventoried and shown through this shopping utility. This utility used templates to change the basic structure and layout of the items on the page. It did not, however, allow for him to add in any dynamic effects. Norm required that the inventory items be shown as the correct images for the form select list that was generated by the shopping utility code. The only solution was to have some javascript running in the background waiting for the user to select a different color of the product. Then the JS-X custom script kicks in and automatically alters the product image to the product viewed with the color choosen.
    The example demonstrated on this site of that code was stripped down to the actual code from the template that we had to deal with, as well as the javascript we added.

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