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  • Swapping Images


    This shows how to have images changed out for a mouse over and out event, as well as a mouse click and release events.

  • Cookies Only Once


    This example shows how to only do an action one time after the page loads and the user comes from a specific page. In this example the first page [index page] deletes the cookie so that the user can go back to the second page and perform the actions again on that page.

  • Frames that Move


    This shows how to have frames that move in size based upon user input.
    In this case, the user can click a link to move the size larger [UP] or smaller [DOWN}.

  • Blend Text – IE Only


    This was a simple fade [blend] effect of text rotating through some different messages.

  • Transaction Admin Tool


    This project required using a flat file database system to retain data posted by users. Upon each user signing up, their information is stored into a flat file database system, they are sent an email as a confirmation of thier form submission [the admins – as many as are configured in the PHP] are also sent a different email stating the person signed up. The information [minus the Credit Card information] is stored on the server where the admins can come back anytime and view a list of all the transactions. From this admin page they can view a specific transaction or delete one as well. Since a later request was added to the project, the tool will also export all the saved data [less credit card info] as a Microsoft Excel formatted CSV database file.

  • Book Assignments


    This project needed to have students listed in such a way that would allow them to be randomly assinged books to read. A javascript construct was created [Object Oriented Programming] for a student and another for a book. The books and students are added by one line of code each, and calculations are performed to determine the books that are assigned for each student.

  • Phone Numbers to Provider


    This project involved using a form text box to receive a users phone number. The code then determines which company provides that cell number range. This code also prepends "44" in place of a leading "0".

  • Mailing From Server: PHP



    This project needed to send emails from the server with out the knowledge or permission from a site user. There are two examples included:
    1) Send the email and tell the person that the email was sent.
    2. Count the user’s visits to this page and send an email with out telling the user.

  • PDC Cart Template


    This project required modification to form values through changing of the PDC cart’s template files. Specifically this project needed to have one form component’s value copied into another form field only if a checkbox is checked. The trigger [event] for this was to be the selection of the checkbox, or the selection of a value from the select list. In the “live code”, this 2nd form value was a hidden component: here it is shown as a text-type so you can see how it works.

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