Overweight or Underweight

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Enter your weight and height and this will tell you about yourself.

Head Code:

<!-- hide this script tag's contents from old browsers

function ClearForm(form){

    form.weight.value = "";
    form.height.value = "";
    form.bmi.value = "";
    form.my_comment.value = "";


function bmi(weight, height) {

          return bmindx;

function checkform(form) {

       if (form.weight.value==null||form.weight.value.length==0 || form.height.value==null||form.height.value.length==0){
            alert("nPlease complete the form first");
            return false;

       else if (parseFloat(form.height.value) <= 0||
                parseFloat(form.height.value) >=500||
                parseFloat(form.weight.value) <= 0||
                parseFloat(form.weight.value) >=500){
                alert("nReally know what you're doing? nPlease enter values again. nWeight in kilos and nheight in cm");
                return false;
       return true;


function computeform(form) {

       if (checkform(form)) {

       yourbmi=Math.round(bmi(form.weight.value, form.height.value/100));

       if (yourbmi >40) {
          form.my_comment.value="You are grossly obese, consult your physician!";

       else if (yourbmi >30 && yourbmi <=40) {
          form.my_comment.value="Umm... You are obese, want some liposuction?";

       else if (yourbmi >27 && yourbmi <=30) {
          form.my_comment.value="You are very fat, do something before it's too late";

       else if (yourbmi >22 && yourbmi <=27) {
          form.my_comment.value="You are fat, need dieting and exercise";

       else if (yourbmi >=21 && yourbmi <=22) {
          form.my_comment.value="I envy you. Keep it up!!";

       else if (yourbmi >=18 && yourbmi <21) {
          form.my_comment.value="You are thin, eat more.";

       else if (yourbmi >=16 && yourbmi <18) {
          form.my_comment.value="You are starving. Go Find some food!";

       else if (yourbmi <16) {
          form.my_comment.value="You're grossly undernourished, need hospitalization ";

 // -- done hiding from old browsers -->

Body Code:

<H2> Do you have an ideal weight??</H2>

Enter your weight in kilograms and your height in centimeters<BR>
in the form below and press the "Let's see" button<BR>
(Please read disclaimer below before using this form)<BR>

<TABLE border=1>
<TD><DIV ALIGN=CENTER>Your Weight (kg)</DIV></TD>
<TD><DIV ALIGN=CENTER>Your Height (cm)</DIV></TD>

<TD><INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME=weight  SIZE=10 onFocus="this.form.weight.value=''"></TD>
<TD><INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME=height  SIZE=10 onFocus="this.form.height.value=''"></TD>
<TD><INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME=my_comment ></TD>

<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Let's see" onClick="computeform(this.form)">
<INPUT TYPE="reset"  VALUE="Reset" onClick="ClearForm(this.form)">

<B>Disclaimer</B>: This form is based on the calculation of "Body Mass Index"
and is only meant to be a demonstration of how Javascript(tm) could be used
on a Web Page. Information it contains may not be accurate and is not designed
or intended to serve as medical advice. You should not act in accordance to the
"comment" provided in this form and I shall not be liable for any physical or
psychological damages suffered as a result of using this form or script.

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