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This shows how to have a menu based upon an image header.

Body Code:

<!--***** Paste the following section directly below the body tag ************************-->
<!--start copy below this line-->

<!-- DHTML QuickMenu, Copyright (c) 2001, OpenCube Inc. All Rights Reserved - -->
<script language="JavaScript1.2" src="/data/ex888_sample_images/sample_data.js"></script>
<script language="JavaScript1.2" src="/data/ex888_sample_images/dqm_script.js"></script>

<!--end copy above this line-->

<p align="center">

   Each menu group can be attached to any image on the HTML page. To attach a menu group to
   an image paste the following line within the 'IMG' tag.

   name="menu0" id="menu0" onmouseover="showMenu(event)" onmouseout="hideMenu(event)"    

   Change the name=menuX and id=menuX ids to match the index number of the menu group, see the
   sample image tags below for an example.


<img src="/data/ex888_sample_images/menu.gif" width="45" height="19" name="menu0" id="menu0" onmouseover="showMenu(event)" onmouseout="hideMenu(event)"><img 
src="/data/ex888_sample_images/products.gif" width="71" height="19" name="menu1" id="menu1" onmouseover="showMenu(event)" onmouseout="hideMenu(event)"><img 
src="/data/ex888_sample_images/downloads.gif" width="84" height="19" name="menu2" id="menu2" onmouseover="showMenu(event)" onmouseout="hideMenu(event)"><img 
src="/data/ex888_sample_images/contact.gif" width="63" height="19" name="menu3" id="menu3" onmouseover="showMenu(event)" onmouseout="hideMenu(event)">


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