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This example will determine the current page and what the next page should be.

Body Code:

This page is: (pretend) 
var _thispage = document.location.toString();
    _thispage = ""; // remove this test line
<BR><a href="javascript:nextP()">next page</a><BR>
function nextP() {
  var _l = _thispage;
  var _n = _l.substr(0,_l.indexOf(".html"));
  var _x = _n.substr(0,_n.lastIndexOf("."));
  var _j = _n.substr(_n.lastIndexOf(".")+1,_n.length);
  var _i = _x+"."+_j+".html";
  // remove the comments and the alert statement to use.
  alert("This would have been the next page visited:n"+_i);

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