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This file shows how to create a “dynamic” updated field on the page.

Head Code:

<script type=text/javascript>
if ((app=="Microsoft Internet Explorer")&&(ver>=4)) {img=true}

function tocmover(srcimg) {
  if (img){ = "#00FF00" }
  document.images.tocline.src = srcimg

function tocmout() {
  if (img){ = "#0000FF" }
  document.images.tocline.src = ""

function over(strng) {
  subnav.innerHTML = strng; = "#FFFF00"

function overheader() { = "#FFFF00"}

function out() {
  subnav.innerHTML = " <center><a class=headerlink onmouseover='overheader()' onmouseout='outheader()' href='#'>Default PopUp Text #2</a></center>" = "#FF0000"

function outheader() { = "#FF4499"}

Body Code:

<table border=0 bgcolor=#00184A cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 width=100%>
<tr><td height=30 valign=middle align=center>
<DIV ID=subnav name=subnav class=result>
 <a onmouseover='overheader()' onmouseout='outheader()' href='#'>
 This is the Default Text To Appear Here!</a>
<BR><a class=sidenav onmouseover='over("<center>PopUp Text #1 - Resets onmouseout.")' onmouseout='out()' href="">Link #1 - Clears PopUp Text upon Mouse Out</a>
<BR><a class=sidenav onmouseover='over("<center>PopUp Text #2 - Stays On onmouseout.")'  href="">Link #2 - Keeps PopUp Text even after mouse out</a>
<BR><a class=sidenavactive href="">Link #3 - Does not update PopUp Text</a>

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