Mouse Up Down Out Over Click Animate Picture (over image)

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This shows how to have a mouseup, mouseover, mouseclick, mousedown, mouseup event all trigger a picture to change.

Body Code:

<script type=text/javascript>
var _p = "";
function si(_n) {
  document.images[_n].src = _p;
<BR>Click:<a href="#" onclick="si('clk')"><img name=clk src="" border=1></a>
<BR>Over:<a href="#" onmouseover="si('mov')"><img name=mov src="" border=1></a>
<BR>Out:<a href="#" onmouseout="si('mou')"><img name=mou src="" border=1></a>
<BR>Down:<a href="#" onmousedown="si('md')"><img name=md  src="" border=1></a>
<BR>Up:<a href="#" onmouseup="si('mu')"><img name=mu  src="" border=1></a>

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