List of Events

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This is a complete list of events with brief descriptions/causes.

Head Code:

<script type="text/javascript">
var even=false;
function newRow(n,t,s) {
var tag="#FFF0F0"
if (!even) tag="#F0F0FF"
document.write("<tr><td bgcolor="+tag+"><div class=code>"+n+"</div></td>"
                  +"<td bgcolor="+tag+"><div class=desc>"+t+"</div></td>"
				  +"<td bgcolor="+tag+"><div class=result>"+s+"</div></td></tr>");
function addHeader(n,t,s) {
document.write("<tr><td><div id=hdr class=code><B>"+n+"</B></div></td>"
                  +"<td><div id=hdr class=desc><B>"+t+"</B></div></td>"
				  +"<td><div id=hdr class=result><B>"+s+"</B></div></td></tr>");

Body Code:

<table cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0>
<script type="text/javascript">
addHeader("Handler","Triggered By What","Can Be Used With")
newRow("onAbort","loading interrupted","image")
newRow("onBlur","element loses input focus","text elements, window, all other elements")
newRow("onChange","user selects or deselects an item or enters text and moves input focus to another element.","select, text input elements")
newRow("onClick","User clicks once. Return false to cancel default action","Link, button elements")
newRow("onDblClick","User clicks twice","Document, Link, Image, button elements")
newRow("onError","Error occurs while loading an image","Image")
newRow("onFocus","Element given input focus","Text elements, Window, all other form elements")
newRow("onKeyDown","Key pressed by user. Return faluse to cancel default action","Document, Image, Link, text elements")
newRow("onKeyUp","Key released by user","Document, Image, Link, text elements")
newRow("onLoad","Document or image finishes loading","Window, Images")
newRow("onMouseDown","User presses mouse button. Return false to cancel default action","Document, Link, Image, button elements")
newRow("onMouseOut","Mouse moves off element","Link, Image, Layer")
newRow("onMouseOver","Mouse moves over element. For links, reutrn true to prevent URL from apprearing in the status bar.","Link, Image, Layer")
newRow("onMouseUp","User releases mouse button. Return false to cancel","Document, Link, Image, button elements")
newRow("onReset","Form reset reqeuested. Return false to prevent reset.","Form")
newRow("onResize","Window is resized.","Window")
newRow("onSubmit","Form submission requested. Return false to prevent submission","Form")
newRow("onUnload","Document is unloaded","Window")

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