Intro 4

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Javascript Tutorial Intro – Page 4

Okay Okay… so how do I learn JavaScript?

Several methods lay before you.

I just plop down and find an example and take it apart
and back together – change a thing or two, see if it still
works, or is completely trashed. But this is my method.
Thats what the Javascript Examples are on this site – just pick at it if
you like.

Some like to see what all the little parts are, and how
they all work, and then try to put them together.
For those I am creating a tutorial on the basics of
the language – the keywords and objects, that is what
this beginner section is for.

There are 2 things to JavaScript that you will need
to become familiar with:
1) The syntax – what is a for loop?,

2) The objects. – how to I access that variable?

The tutorials will consist of 2 sections, One for the syntax
and another for the DOM (document object model). It is hard
to separate the two, so you will see basic concepts
crossed between the two. So stick with it, take a few
breaks, re-read sections, go over the examples, ask questions
(there is a Forum on this site to help you on your way)

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