Insert horizontal spaces

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This example uses 2 speparate methods to insert space (horizontal) between elements.

Head Code:

<STYLE> { font-family : Arial; 
P SPAN { font-style : italic; 
font-size : 14pt;} 

.text { color: red; 
margin-left: 10px; 
font-size: 28px; 
font-family: Arial Black } 
.spacer1 {padding-right : 12 px; background-Color: red; }
.spacer2 {padding-right : 4em; background-Color: blue; }


Body Code:

<P CLASS="info">Chapter<span class=spacer1></span>2<span class=spacer2></span> <SPAN>Test after Construction</SPAN>
This is&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;the other way.

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