Hide tables (IE only)

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This example shows how easy it can be to hide and show components in Internet Explorer.

Body Code:

<form name=exf1>
<div id=r1><table><tr><td>text in table 1</td><td><input type=text name=t1 value="<input1>"></td></tr></table></div>
<div id=r2><table><tr><td>text in table 2</td><td><input type=text name=t2 value="<input2>"></td></tr></table></div>
<div id=r3><table><tr><td>text in table 3</td><td><input type=text name=t3 value="<input3>"></td></tr></table></div>
<table><tr><td><input type=button value="button1" name="button1" onclick="mode(1)"></td>
           <td><input type=button value="button2" name="button2" onclick="mode(2)"></td></tr></table>
function mode(_v) {
  var _a = document.all?document.all.r1.style:document.r1;
  var _b = document.all?document.all.r2.style:document.r2;
  var _c = document.all?document.all.r3.style:document.r3;
  if (_v == 1) {
  if (_v == 2) {

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