Four Views of Image In One Image

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This example shows how to have an image changed with simple href clicks.

Head Code:

 <script language="Javascript"> 
    var front = new Image(35,35); front.src = ""; 
    var back  = new Image(35,35); back.src  = "";
    var top   = new Image(35,35); top.src   = ""; 

    function doButtons(picimage) { 
    document.images[0].src = picimage;


Body Code:

    <li><a href = "javascript:doButtons(front.src)">front view<p> 
    <li><a href = "javascript:doButtons(back.src)">back view<p> 
    <li><a href = "javascript:doButtons(top.src)">top view<p> 
    <td><p align="center"> 
    <img name=mypic border="1" src="" width="35" height="35"></p> 

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