Form Validates Required Input Before Submit

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Only forms with required number of input completed will be submitted.

Head Code:

function val()
  var _ret=true; /* false means not validated */
  var _m="Your input number must be provided by equal number of items";

  var _f=document.f1;
  var _n=parseInt(_f.n.value);
    case 5 : if(!_f.t5.value.length)_ret=false;
    case 4 : if(!_f.t4.value.length)_ret=false;
    case 3 : if(!_f.t3.value.length)_ret=false;
    case 2 : if(!_f.t2.value.length)_ret=false;
    case 1 : if(!_f.t1.value.length)_ret=false;
    default : 
      _m="Input number is not valid number:n'"+_n+"'nn";
  return _ret;

Body Code:

<form name=f1 onsubmit="return val()">
Number:<input type=text name=n><BR>
One:<input name=t1><BR>
Two:<input name=t2><BR>
Three:<input name=t3><BR>
Four:<input name=t4><BR>
Five:<input name=t5><BR>
<input type=submit>

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