Form Lock input

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This shows how to keep a user from updating a form field upon a radio button selection that the user can select to lock that field.

Body Code:

<form name="_f"> 
<input type=radio name=_l checked onclick='setLock(0)' value='0'>Open
<input type=radio name=_l         onclick='setLock(1)' value='1'>Locked
<input type=text  name=_t value='' onfocus='blurIfLocked()'>
<script type=text/javascript>
var locked=0; // 0 open : 1 locked.
function setLock(_l) {locked=_l;}
function blurIfLocked() {
 if (locked==1) document._f._t.blur()
function setTo(_v) {
  if (locked!=1) document._f._t.value=_v;
<BR><a href="javascript:setTo('one')">ONE</a>
<BR><a href="javascript:setTo('two')">TWO</a>

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