Form length Validated with User Input

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This will determine if the string input in the textbox is the correct length.

Head Code:

<script type="text/javascript">
function checkLength(_str,_len)
  var _slen=_str.toString().length;
  if(!_slen || _len=="")
    return false;
  else if(_len<_slen)
    alert( "{ipb.lang['l_over']}" + _len + " {ipb.lang['l_characters']}." );
  else if(_len==_slen)
    alert( "{ipb.lang['l_equal']}" + _len + " {ipb.lang['l_characters']}." );
    alert( "{ipb.lang['max_is']}" + _len + " {ipb.lang['l_characters']}. {ipb.lang['youve_used']}" + _slen + " {ipb.lang['l_characters']}." );

Body Code:

This checks the length of the string for equal, under or over the length.
<form name=f1>
String:<input type=text name=t1 value="abcdefghi"><BR>
Length:<input type=text name=t2 value="3"><BR>
<input type=button onclick="checkLength(this.form.t1.value,this.form.t2.value)" value="Check length">

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