For loop – Using IN

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This file shows how to use a For Loop Using the IN key-word.

Body Code:

<script type=text/javascript>
function showIt() {
  var x = [1,2,3,4,3,2,1];
  var returnVal = "x = ["+x.join()+"]<BR>"
  for (var i in x) {
    returnVal += "x["+i.toString()+"]="+x[i].toString()
    switch(x[i]) {
      case 1:  returnVal+=" == one.<BR>"; break;
      case 2:  returnVal+=" == two.<BR>"; break;
      default: returnVal+=" != one or two.<BR>"; break;
  return returnVal
document.write('The results of the above routine running showIt() are as follows:<BR>')

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