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Creates a dynamic scroller box that features scrolling messages like you’d have seen on many professional web sites.

Head Code:

<script language="javascript">
<!--- Fully customizable ad scroller by Vivian Jason...


Free JavaScript Source Code by Vivian Jason
Use this on your web sites!!

Please leave this header intact
Hey, Give me credit for what I've done myself guys 🙂

E-mail : vivekcog@yahoo.com



Place this in the HEAD of your web pages...


arr=new Array();  // Array Declaration, don't tamper with...

Your messages go here. HTML Tags allowed. Make sure you number your messages 0,1,2,3... and so on. Critical for proper execution of script...

arr[0]="This is some sample random text.";
arr[1]="I am the greatest <br>programmer in the world";
arr[2]="And, If that sounds <b>vain</b> to you..."
arr[3]="Don't worry, I'm <b>just kidding</b>";
arr[4]="Do visit my homepage...";
arr[5]="<a href='http://www.geocities.com/vivekcog/'>Vivian's Savage Garden Land!!</a>";
arr[6]="Use this script!! <br><b>Have fun :)</b>";

// End of messages...

pause = 400  // Controls the "pause time" between 2 messages...

scroll_speed = 250;  // The speed of the scrolling message... The greater the quicker...

// Don't alter code below this line...


function begin()
news_ex.style.paddingTop=news_ex.offsetHeight - 20;

if (i==arr.length) i=0;

function begin2()
if (a < 5) {clearTimeout("t"); setTimeout("begin()",pause); return false};

// End of script... --->
<!-- This goes in the HEAD as well. Adjust the TOP and LEFT attributes to position the scroller wherever you desire.... -->

#news_ex {font-family:arial;font-size:14;position:absolute;top:200;left:300;background-color:a6ccf4;height:120;text-align:center;padding-left:10;padding-right:10;}

<!--- End of the code for the HEAD section --->

Body Code:

<!-- Place this one line anywhere in the BODY of your web pages... --->

<div id="news_ex"></div>

<!--- End of BODY code... --->

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