DHTML Previews Textarea

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This shows how to have a DHTML (div) box preview a textarea input.

Body Code:

<div id=update></div>
 * This works for IE4+ and NS6 (NS4 requires absolute positioning.
 * Reference examples in DHTML category on http://www.js-examples.com/ for NS4 DHTML how-to.
var isIE=document.all?true:false;
var isDOM=document.getElementById?true:false;
function previewIt()
  var _update=document.f1.ta.value;
   * Make newlines show up - replace with BR tags.
  var _regExp=/n/gi;

   * isDOM=NS6 and IE6
  if(isDOM) document.getElementById("update").innerHTML=_update;
   * for IE4-IE5 : do not remember if "style" should be here or not.
  else if(isIE) document.all.update.style.innerHTML=_update;
<form name=f1>
This is the input box: type in it.<BR>
<textarea rows=6 cols=50 name=ta onkeypress="setTimeout('previewIt()',20);">
This <b> is some</b> code <i>written for</i> you.
Second NewLine
Third NewLine
This is a box to show the HTML that is generated in the DHTML area.
<textarea name=ts rows=6 cols=50></textarea>

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