Create 4 Popups From 1 Click

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This shows how to have 1 HREF click cause 4 popup windows to open up.

Body Code:

<script type=text/javascript>
function makePopUps() {
var win1 ="","","width=300,height=300,left=120,top=50,status=no,resizable=no,"); 
var win2 ="","","width=300,height=300,left=120,top=100,status=no,resizable=no,"); 
var win3 ="","","width=300,height=300,left=120,top=150,status=no,resizable=no,"); 
var win4 ="","","width=300,height=300,left=120,top=200,status=no,resizable=no,"); 
<BR><a href="javascript:makePopUps()">make popups</a>

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