Cosine Calculator

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Enter the adjacent and hypotenuse angle values and JavaScript will solve the cosine angle for you.

Head Code:

<!-- Begin
function calccos(form) {
var adj = eval(form.adj.value);
var hyp = eval(form.hyp.value);
form.cos.value = adj/hyp;
// End -->

Body Code:

<table border=3 cellspacing=2 cellpadding=5>
<td align=center><i>Adjacent Angle</i></td>
<td align=center><i>Hypotenuse Angle</i></td>
<td align=center><i>Cosine Angle</i></td>
<td align=center><input type=text name=adj size=15></td>
<td align=center><input type=text name=hyp size=15></td>
<td align=center><input type=text name=cos size=15></td>
<td colspan=3 align=center><input type=button value="Calculate!" onclick="calccos(this.form)"></td>

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