Convert Temperature

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Want to convert between degrees in C to F? or F to C?

Body Code:

            <CENTER><FONT color=#000080 size=+2>Temperature Converter</FONT> 
            <FORM action=""><INPUT name=Text2 type=hidden> <BR><FORM>F: <INPUT 
            name=F onchange="eval('C.value = ' + this.form.C_expr.value)" 
            value=32> <INPUT name=F_expr type=hidden 
            value="(212-32)/100 * C.value + 32 "> <BR>C: <INPUT name=C 
            onchange="eval('F.value = ' + this.form.F_expr.value)" value=0> 
            <INPUT name=C_expr type=hidden 
            value="100/(212-32) * (F.value - 32 )"> <BR><INPUT name=reset type=reset value=reset> <INPUT name="" type=button value=convert> 

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