Colors Chart

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JavaScript can print out 8 tables with the 512 “standard” colors and their corresponding “#RRGGBB” values.

Body Code:

clr=new Array('00','20','40','60','80','a0','c0','ff');
for (i=0;i<8;i++) { 
document.write("<table border=1 cellpadding=8>");
for (j=0;j<8;j++) {
for (k=0;k<8;k++) {
document.write('<td bgcolor="#'+clr[i]+clr[j]+clr[k]+'">');
document.write('<tt><font color="#'+clr[7-i]+clr[7-j]+clr[7-k]+'"> ');
document.write(clr[i]+clr[j]+clr[k]+' </font></tt></td>'); }
document.write("</tr>"); }
document.write("</table><br>"); }

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