Click Drag DHTML Objects

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This creates several DHTML objects that can be clicked and dragged around the window.

Body Code:

#divDrag0{position:absolute; left:0; top:0; height:200; width:200; clip:rect(0,200,200,0); background-color:silver; layer-background-color:silver}
#divDrag1{position:absolute; left:0; top:0; height:200; width:200; clip:rect(0,200,200,0); background-color:blue; layer-background-color:blue}
#divDrag2{position:absolute; left:0; top:0; height:100; width:100; clip:rect(0,100,100,0); background-color:green; layer-background-color:green}

<script language="JavaScript1.2">
//Browsercheck, and sets <div> for ie, and <layer> for ns
	var n = (document.layers) ? 1:0;
	var ie = (document.all) ? 1:0;
	var layer=(n)?'layer':'div'

Object constructor part.
Setting the objects methods and properties
function dragObj(obj,nest){
	nest=(!nest) ? '':'document.'+nest+'.'										
    this.css=(n) ? eval(nest+'document.'+obj):eval('document.all.'+obj+'.style')		
    this.evnt=(n)? eval(nest+'document.'+obj):eval(obj);
	return this
function b_moveIt(x,y){
function b_getLeft(){
  	x=(n)? this.css.left:this.css.pixelLeft
	return x
function b_getTop(){
	return y
Capturing events, when the user mouseovers a layer
the variable/property of that layer names .isOver will
be true, and that means if the user clicks
when he is on top of that layer it becomes draggable
function dragInit(){
	if(n) document.captureEvents(Event.MOUSEMOVE | Event.MOUSEDOWN | Event.MOUSEUP)
function mmover(num){
	if(loaded) oDrag[num].isOver=true
function mmout(num){
	if(loaded) oDrag[num].isOver=false
function mup(){
	for(var i=0; i<oDrag.length;i++){
		if(oDrag[i].isOver) {
function mdown(num){
	for(var i=0; i<oDrag.length;i++){
		if(oDrag[i].isOver) {
function mmove(e){
	for(var i=0; i<oDrag.length;i++){

Init, here's where you set how many draggable layers you want.
Make one more "Drag[3]=new dragObj('divDrag3')" and as i did here, ++ the number
to add draggable layers. You also have to add them in the stylesheet (in the <style></style>)
To make another one that's sized 100*200 and with a background-color of red add this:
#divDrag3{position:absolute; height:100; width:200; clip:rect(0,200,100,0); background-color:red; layer-background-color:red}
Get the picture?
There's one more thing you have to do to add layers, look further down for explanation.
var loaded; 
function init(){
	oDrag=new Array()
	oDrag[0]=new dragObj('divDrag0')
	oDrag[1]=new dragObj('divDrag1')
	oDrag[2]=new dragObj('divDrag2')
Set this variable to the zIndex you want it to start at, (if you have several
layers and want it to start on the top, change to somthing higher then the uppermost layer

//Inits the page on page load
if(n || ie) onload=init;
<script language="JavaScript1.2">document.write('<'+layer+' id="divDrag0" onmouseover="mmover(0)" onmouseout="mmout(0)">')</script>
	<!--Content of draglayer 0 --> Drag me!
<script language="JavaScript1.2">document.write('</'+layer+'>')</script>
<script language="JavaScript1.2">document.writeln('<'+layer+' id="divDrag1" onmouseover="mmover(1)" onmouseout="mmout(1)">')</script>
	<!--Content of draglayer 1 --> Drag me too!
<script language="JavaScript1.2">document.writeln('</'+layer+'>')</script>
<script language="JavaScript1.2">document.writeln('<'+layer+' id="divDrag2" onmouseover="mmover(2)" onmouseout="mmout(2)">')</script>
	<!--Content of draglayer 2 -->Drag me as well, come on!!
<script language="JavaScript1.2">document.writeln('</'+layer+'>')</script>
As you can see I write in a <layer> tag for netscape and a <div> tag for explorer
the reason i do this is because Netscape doesn't understand
mouseover's directly in a <div>, but it does in a <layer>.
You can make Netscape do mouseovers on divs but you can't send parameters to the
function if you do. So to add content in a layer here you just remove the
line that says: "Content of draglayer x" and put's in whatever you want, images,
text, whatever. If you do wanna use images i suggest you make them background-image
in the layers/divs as that make the dragging work better. (use layer-background-image
for netscape)
To add a layer simply copy on of the ones that are there and change the numbers:
id="divDrag2" to id="divDrag3", onmouseover="mmover(2)" onmouseout="mmout(2)" to
onmouseover="mmover(3)" onmouseout="mmout(3)" and so on.
Hope you enjoy the script and if you have any questions or problems with it
you can reach me at
This is script is btw, backwardscompatibel, the content will just show static
whereever you place it in non-dhtml browsers.

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