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This script shows how to have text altered as well as the CSS properties changed by mouse overs and clicks.

Head Code:

<script language="JavaScript"><!--
function swapIt(img, src) {
document.images[img].src = src;

function writetoLyr(id, message) {
  if (document.layers)
  else if (document.all)
    document.getElementById(id).innerHTML = message;
// -->
<style type="text/css"><!--
.mydiv2 {position: absolute;
        visibility: visible;
                z-index: 1;
                border-width: 1px;
                border-style: solid;
#d3 { top: 118px; left: 268px; width: 81px;  height: 87px; color: darkred; font-size: 20px;}
#d4 { top: 203px; left: 261px; width: 122px; height: 62px; color:darkblue; font-size: 25px;}-->

Body Code:

<div id="d1" class=mydiv1>&nbsp;</div> 
<div id="d2" class=mydiv1>&nbsp;</div>
var slap_me ='<span id=d3 class=mydiv2>Slap me!!</span>';
var smack_me='<span id=d4 class=mydiv2>Smack me!!</span>';
var another_msg='<span id=d4 class=mydiv2>Another Message</span>';
<a href="#" 
   onmouseover="swapIt('img1', ''); writetoLyr('d1',slap_me);" 
   onmouseout ="swapIt('img1', ''); writetoLyr('d1',smack_me);"
><img id="img1" name="img1" src="" border="0"></a> 
<a href="javascript:writetoLyr('d1',another_msg)">make it be another message</a>

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