12 Days Of Christmas

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This shows the lyrics to the 12 days of christmas.

Body Code:

var GIFTS=new Array();
    GIFTS[12]="12 Drummers Drumming";
    GIFTS[11]="Eleven Pipers Piping";
    GIFTS[10]="Ten Lords a Leaping";
    GIFTS[9] ="Nine Ladies Dancing";
    GIFTS[8] ="Eight Maids a Milking";
    GIFTS[7] ="Seven Swans a Swimming";
    GIFTS[6] ="Six Geese a Laying";
    GIFTS[5] ="Five Golden Rings";
    GIFTS[4] ="Four Calling Birds";
    GIFTS[3] ="Three French Hens";
    GIFTS[2] ="Two Turtle Doves";
    GIFTS[1] ="and a Partridge in a Pear Tree";
function printDay(n)
  var _printText=null;
     case  1: _printText=_printText?_printText:GIFTS[1];
	 case  2: _printText=_printText?_printText:GIFTS[2];
	 case  3: _printText=_printText?_printText:GIFTS[3];
	 case  4: _printText=_printText?_printText:GIFTS[4];
	 case  5: _printText=_printText?_printText:GIFTS[5];
	 case  6: _printText=_printText?_printText:GIFTS[6];
	 case  7: _printText=_printText?_printText:GIFTS[7];
	 case  8: _printText=_printText?_printText:GIFTS[8];
	 case  9: _printText=_printText?_printText:GIFTS[9];
	 case 10: _printText=_printText?_printText:GIFTS[10];
	 case 11: _printText=_printText?_printText:GIFTS[11];
	 case 12: _printText=_printText?_printText:GIFTS[12];
	 default: _printText=_printText?_printText:"--can not see this--";
var DAYS = new Array("first","second","third","fourth","fifth","six","seventh","eighth","ninth","tenth","eleventh","twelveth");
function writeSong()
  var _day=1;
  while(_day <= 12)
    document.write("On the "+DAYS[_day-1]+" my truelove sent to me:<BR>");

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