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Passing An ID with a Hyperlink

For anyone who’s worked with ASP, this article is old hat stuff. But hey, we’re working with newbies here, so don’t worry about it. In today’s lesson, we’re going to do a couple of things. First we’re going to create a small page that pulls information from a database. Then we’ll make it into a clickable link. The link will pass an ID to a second page that will pull the remainder of the data based on the ID that was clicked. So here we go…

First page is an ASP page. We’re going to open our users table and just display the usernames. Then we will assign the corresponding ID to each username so when the username is clicked on, it will go to the correct person’s password. Save this first page as pullID.asp.

Now we need to create the page that will display the person’s password when their name is clicked on. Save this page as details.asp.

See ya next time!
~Geoff Swartz

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